All about Omaha Poker

Top 5 Mistakes

Despite the fact that almost all the new Omaha poker players are oozing with great enthusiasm, they must still learn the ropes of the game before becoming consistently good at it. You’re most likely to make certain common mistakes if you’re starting out playing the game. Let’s go over five such important mistakes that you must steer clear from. You can possibly transform yourself into an excellent Omaha poker player if you can make a conscious effort to not make them every now and then.

Mistake # 1 – Being apprehensive at all times
Whenever you’re playing a poker variant like Texas Hold ‘em, you’d like to play only good hands like big suited connectors or big pairs. However, the same doesn’t hold true in case of Omaha poker. You don’t need to limit yourself in any way in this game.
In fact, a good majority of Omaha poker players see a bunch of flops every now and then simply because they have plenty of outs for making a quality hand. So, don’t hesitate from calling pre-flop and keep in mind that no hand is done and dusted until the river card turns up on the table.

Mistake #2 – Giving away your hand
Regardless of the poker variant you’re playing, remember to keep your poker face at all times of the game. Poker is one casino card game that’s as much about skills and odds as it’s about luck. Learning how to read other players can go a long way in improving your winning chances in poker. Furthermore, masking your own face to hide your tells is of even greater significance.
Never look too frustrated or elated. Try maintaining a calm appearance at all times regardless of whether you get a royal flush or something insignificant. In addition, never bet in a manner that others can predict your betting pattern. In a nutshell, keep them guessing!

Mistake #3 – Bluffing when not needed
Although it is possible to use your position for betting others out of the game in Texas Hold ‘em poker, it doesn’t work the same way in Omaha. As every player gets four hole cards, the chances are high that one or more players may call your bets. If at all you wish to bluff, the best time to do it is at the time of a river card, once all the players have completed their hands. Bluffing is even more futile when it comes to fixed limit version of Omaha poker.

Mistake #4 – Using Texas Hold ‘em knowledge and strategy
A good number of Omaha poker players are already experienced at playing Texas Hold ‘em variant and try implementing their Hold ‘em strategies at the Omaha table, especially when they’re starting out playing the game. This is by far the biggest mistake you can commit when playing Omaha poker. Both games are pretty different from each other although they hold many similarities in their structure. Hence, throw all your Texas Hold ‘em strategies and theories out of the window, before you grab a seat at an Omaha poker table.

Mistake #5 – Pinning all hopes on suited cards
It isn’t uncommon to see people justifying their hole cards with an explanation that they are of the same suit. Nothing denying that suited cards are always better than the off-suited ones, but just because the Queen and 5 in your hole cards are of the same suit doesn’t make your hand a stronger one automatically. It’s still a dicey hand that may not deliver great returns. The best possible hand you can make in the above example is a Queen high, which isn’t an exceptionally good hand in Omaha poker.
Another important point you must keep in mind that it’s far better to get two suited cards than four suited cards (as your hole cards) in Omaha poker, as there’s a much better potential of creating a flush in the former.