James Wright, DVM

About the Author
Dr. James Wright was encouraged to write this novel by published author and creative writing teacher, Jerrilyn Farmer. Jim received B.S. and D.V.M. degrees from Cornell University.

 He continues to practice veterinary medicine and supports a wide range of causes that involve helping abandoned and neglected animals. His hobbies include, skiing, golf, tennis, horseback riding and sailing. He resides in Malibu, California and is presently working on a sequel, "The Dolphins’ Dirge".

Having spent the entirety of my adult life as a veterinarian, my patients have spanned the gamut from crazed bulls and wild horses to temperamental chimpanzees. Each patient was, of course, accompanied by an owner, who ranged from movie stars to rodeo clowns. Needless to say, dealing with animals has always been the most enjoyable part of my job. It was, however, the foibles and idiosyncrasies of the caretakers of our animal friends that provided me with the fodder for this fictional novel.

Bonus Short Story

"Hematocrit" is a short story about a single mom, her infirm daughter and a courageous racehorse. A poor decision by the mother leads to tragic consequences.




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 A Horse to Kill For

About the Book
A HORSE TO KILL FOR, is a murder-mystery novel set in the bucolic farmland of Central California. It is a thrilling saga that involves the ever present threat of modern day terrorism.

The novel is based on the premise of Homeland Security’s biggest fear, that there is a possibility of a bio-terrorist attack originating from within our own country. The protection of our national security from such a nefarious attack, relies upon a vigilant veterinary network. Had that barrier been breached, the unthinkable could have come to fruition.

Veterinarian, Dr. Michael Jensen, is trampled to death by his valuable thoroughbred stallion ‘Diablo Rojo‘. His ex-partner, Dr. Parker Williams, is asked to return to his former practice as temporary help. What seems, on the surface, to be ‘business as usual’ takes a sinister turn when Parker suspects that this ‘accidental’ death may have been a cover up for murder. Romance, jealousy and betrayal hinder his amateur investigation. Parker, together with the help of a cat loving, muu-muu clad Homeland Security Agent, Gloria Fiona and a beautiful airline pilot, Natalie Samosa, work to unravel the mystery and prevent a tragedy of catastrophic proportions.


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